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Coming Out, better yet Not Giving a Flying Fuck

In response to your “That look” post:
I like so many have had a fear or unease with coming out but I’m to the point of trying something where I just simply am who I am. So if someone sees my blog or I say or do something that identifies me as gay, I don’t care. Through my experiences I’ve realized that I’m not the one with the problem it’s the people with the judgement who have a problem & that’s none of my business.
The closet is just a tool to keep us hidden. If we manage to survive the obstacles that it presents, then we are expected to transfer to another box of what a stereotypical gay man is. That way the people with the issues and the status quo can remain the same.
So had we been taught and allowed, by others and by ourselves, to be who we are since we began to see our differences then there would be no need to come out. We wouldn’t have gone into hiding, create the double negative of a false persona, and then have to come out from behind that shadow. So now I simply am. I am gay. If that’s a problem for someone then good luck, I am too focused on bettering myself than to pay any attention to the umpteenth problem they are having today.

When the Jew goes to sleep and the Christian and the Muslim go to sleep – who are they? When the rich man and the poor man go to sleep – who are they? Where are their distinctions? You have to find that place in your heart where everything is somehow neutralized into pure equanimity. Wars – they have always been, and maybe for a long time still they will come. But freedom is what we are, not what we have to fight for.

—Mooji (via thebigelectron)

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