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Post meditation ramblings

Post meditation ramblings

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First Listen: Jenny Lewis, 'The Voyager'

One of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time.

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caviearahdreams asked: Hi!! I've been reading your posts since April (although time is an illusion!) and I have read half of the book "The Power of Now" and I understand that simply being alive in the present moment is the essence of life, but what about having desires? Is it okay to want to be really successful in life? To work hard to get where you want to go?


Hey brother! That’s fantastic and I am very happy for you. 

Remember that the spiritual path is not a religion in the sense of “do’s” and “do not’s”. 

The reason why we often talk about desires being “bad” is because of the deluded view from which they arise and the subsequent confusion they then create. 

Typical delusion that causes desire is the misperceived location of happiness or identity. Once you cease to cling to a fixed identity as well as rediscover happiness as being an inner thing rather than an outer acquisition, desire takes on a different meaning. 

Inherent in desire is energy. Our purity and strength of desire determines the strength of energy it lends to us. In Tantra, both Buddhist and Hindu, desire is used as an energetic skillful means. Although sex typically comes to mind when most people hear the word “Tantra,” the desire of which use is made could be anything. The desire for a cup of tea, the desire for astronomically brilliant sex, the desire to play with a puppy. 

So what is desire when it is no longer coming from a deluded place, when the fulfillment of that desire is not something on which we hinge our happiness and identity? Perhaps we can call such a thing an “aspiration” instead of a desire. 

The spiritual path is an inner journey that will change the way we relate to outward appearances. But remember, there are no rules but compassion and clarity. Therefore aspire for whatever you feel oriented toward.

I am currently in premedical schooling and this time next year I will be applying to medical schools. It’s a long road to becoming a doctor. If my desire were to be a doctor, then I may have all sorts of hangups along the way. How can I get there quickest? What if this or that gets in my way? What if…

But simply my aspiration is to utilize the entirety of my mind-body skill set to be of help to others while providing myself a means to live in society. My appreciation and passion for science makes each step of the journey its own end and beginning. 

By all means, follow what inspires you and see where it may lead. In my experience, inspiration meets with something that you’ve typically overlooked and a new direction emerges. 

Namaste :) Much love

Thank you divine guidance!