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If we think only of ourselves, forget about other people, then our minds occupy very small area. Inside that small area, even tiny problems appear very big.

—Dalai Lama (via thecalminside)

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Your life is your practice. Your spiritual practice does not occur someplace other than in your life right now, and your life is nowhere other than where you are. You are looking for answers, insight, and wisdom that you already possess. Live the life in front of you, be the life you are, and see what you find out for yourself.

—Karen Maezen Miller (via thecalminside)

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We have a fear of facing ourselves. That is the obstacle. Experiencing the innermost core of our existence is very embarrassing to a lot of people.
A lot of people turn to something that they hope will liberate them without their having to face themselves. That is impossible. We can’t do that.
We have to be honest with ourselves. We have to see our gut, our excrement, our most undesirable parts. We have to see them. That is the foundation of warrior-ship, basically speaking. Whatever is there, we have to face it, we have to look at it, study it, work with it and practice meditation with it.

—Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche  (via elige)

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bdsm except i strap you down and make you take vitamins and drink enough water and get enough sleep and cut toxic people out of your life and give you a hug and a massage and tell you what a strong person you are

Canz I has this please? Haha!

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Bathroom Meditation

So I had just finished watching a show called Your Inner Fish on PBS when I had to deal with animal necessities. I put my headphones into my ears since I wanted to finish listening to a song I was listening to before the program. I was mesmerized by the awareness that my hands are a variation of those fish that crawled out of the sea. The ability to hear the beauty humans created was part of my ancestors’ gills. I closed my eyes and worked at getting my racing mind in synch with my breath and was then in gratitude for nature’s work that has resulted in me. I don’t have to be afraid, I don’t have to feel disconnected because my being and this body are a direct link to eons of wonders. The light from the lightbulbs serve to make my eyelids the perfect backdrop of the shapes and lost sense of proportion that I felt within my body yet at the same time I was dancing and moving my arms. Grateful. Grateful to reaffirm that I don’t have to be small. That I don’t have to be right - that I am not wrong. I shall continue to dance and love in gratitude.